FCART Version 7.0

Software to Predict and Analyze Infrared and Raman Spectra

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How to install Fcart version 7.0 on your windows computer

From the home page download the zipped Fcart 7 Installation Package folder.  Move the zipped file to a desired location or folder and then unzip the folder to extract the folder and files.  Open the Fcart 7 Installation Package folder and then double click or run the setup.exe file.  The setup program will install the package.  You will not be given the option to install to a different location.  It will install in C:\fcart.  Find the installed program on the Windows start menu (Fcart version 7.0).  You can create a shortcut to your desktop by right clicking on the program icon and sending to the desktop (Create shortcut).  Double click or start the program.  When the main window opens you will see a Quick Tutorial menu option, click on that and at least do the first 6 steps (~1 min).  This properly initializes internal communication files.  You don’t have to do this, but it will save you restarting Fcart version 7 after a fatal error if you just randomly click into other sub-programs before input data is inputted.  Finish the tutorial (~20 min) and read the help manual and you will be an expert in Fcart.  Cite the program as:

C. R. Legler, N. R. Brown, R. A. Dunbar, M. D. Harness, K. Nguyen, O. Oyewole, W. B. Collier, Scaled Quantum Mechanical Scale Factors for Vibrational Calculations using Alternate Polarized and Augmented Basis Sets with the B3LYP Density Functional Calculation Model, Spectrochimica Acta Part A, 145 (2015) 15-24.                      

http://www.7-zip.org for an adequate free zip extractor



There are three older versions of FCART that have been released.  FCARTP through the now defunct QCPE, and FCART06 and FCART01.  See the Fcart version 7 help manual for a history of the program.  FCART06 is a Visual Basic/Fortran package designed for Win XP and older, it may have permission/install  problems with Win 7.  Graphic colors are not standard.  See package readme file.  FCART01 is a Digital Visual Fortran fcart01.exe file.  Runs everywhere but very basic.  See readme file in package.  Only Fcart version 7 has basis sets higher than B3LYP/6-31g(d).